Sprint files lawsuit against AT&T over 5G claims
Zdnet.com - Mon 11 Feb 04:51 GMT

Sprint files lawsuit against AT&T over 5G claims

Sprint has called for an end to AT&T’s 5G E advertising campaign, arguing in a lawsuit that it is false and misleading, and causing irreparable damage to its own 5G network investment.

  Sprint has filed a lawsuit against ATT over its 5G E advertising, calling it false and misleading by deceiving customers to believe that its 4G LTE Advanced network is actually 5G.

  As well as a nationwide advertising campaign for its 5G E network, Sprint said ATT is pushing out a software update to its customers to make them 5G E-capable.

  "The only reason for the software change, therefore, is to deceive consumers into believing that they are now operating on a 5G network, and convince them to remain with ATT, or convince others to purchase ATT's services," Sprint argued.

  Sprint said it is poised to launch the first actual 5G network in the US, and that ATT's advertising is harming customers by encouraging them to switch carriers.

  Sprint lawsuit says yes (TechRepublic) Sprint is suing ATT over use of "5G E" to characterize industry standard LTE Advanced technology, as their market research finds ATT's marketing ploy confuses subscribers.