Marriott hack: the world’s largest hotel chain faces class-action lawsuits - - Fri 11 Jan 21:22 GMT

Marriott hack: the world’s largest hotel chain faces class-action lawsuits -

Marriott is being sued for allegedly failing to protect more than 300 million guests’ information from hackers.

  More than 150 people who previously stayed in Marriott properties are suing the hotel chain in a federal class-action lawsuit, claiming that Marriott didn’t do enough to protect them from a data breach that exposed more than 300 million guests’ personal information, including names, credit card information, and passport numbers.

  The suit, which was filed Maryland federal district court on January 9, claims that Marriott did not adequately protect guest information before the breach and, once the breach had been discovered, “failed to provide timely, accurate, and adequate notice” to guests whose information may have been obtained by hackers.

  Marriott first disclosed that it had been hacked on November 30, saying that cyberattackers had targeted its Starwood reservation system and accessed the personal information of up to 500 million guests who had stayed in certain properties since 2014.

  The company reportedly began investigating the breach in September, and in December announced that the hack had affected roughly 383 million records, not the 500 million that had previously been estimated — but that hackers had obtained the unencrypted passport numbers of 5.25 million guests, as well as 20.3 million encrypted ones.

  Hackers were able to access the reservation system for the company’s Starwood portfolio, which Marriott purchased in 2016 and which includes the W Hotels, the St. Regis, Sheraton Hotels, Westin Hotels, and more.