Black workers describe details of 'living hell' at UPS center in Ohio
CNN - Fri 15 Mar 07:13 GMT

Black employees say they never know what awaits them at work in a UPS center in Ohio - a noose, racist graffiti or being passed over, again, for promotion. And in a lawsuit, they blame the company.

Black workers describe details of 'living hell' at UPS center in Ohio

  Camper and 18 other workers at the same center have filed a lawsuit against the parcel delivery company alleging racial harassment and discrimination.

  He and Camper both describe feeling beaten down during their time at UPS, overlooked by management for jobs, harassed by co-workers because of the color of their skin and ultimately feel the company has done nothing to fix a work environment they believe is hostile and retaliatory against black workers.

  "There was two employees playing around with each other and one decided to take the time and make a real-life, 13-knot noose," Lino said UPS told him.

  Diversity and inclusion are core values at UPS -- a diverse and inclusive work environment helps our employees feel safe and valued every day, spurs innovation and new ideas, and reflects the diversity of the global community served by our company.

  Sixteen of the 19 workers suing UPS gathered and shared how they all felt neglected at the company because they were black, and that they were passed over for jobs because of the color of their skin.