Ben & Jerry's Demands Congress Expunge Cannabis Convictions - Sun 21 Apr 03:47 GMT

The 4/20-friendly ice cream brand says marijuana legalization without criminal justice reform is "half baked."

Ben & Jerry's Demands Congress Expunge Cannabis Convictions

  Ben Jerry’s is celebrating 4/20 with a call for criminal justice reform, warning Congress that without it, marijuana legalization is a “half baked” idea.

  the company asked, demanding that officials start “making sure legalization doesn’t leave people of color behind and expunging everybody’s cannabis convictions.”

  In a statement released Friday, Ben Jerry’s also urged lawmakers to “provide provide pardons/amnesty to anyone whose only crime was possession of cannabis,” adding that cities including San Francisco have already taken the lead.

  According to an FBI crime statistics report released in September and crunched by Forbes, marijuana arrests increased by more than 6,400 from 2016 to 2017, primarily targeting possession rather than production or distribution.

  In 2013, an American Civil Liberties Union report found that people in the U.S. use pot at about the same rate no matter what their race ― but that a black person is nearly 4 times more likely to be arrested for possession than a white person is.